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Pool Service and Repair for Vail

Look no further, your search for a “Pool Repair Tech or Pool Service Tech” is over!
Equipment repair services are offered to you to ensure your swimming pool functions properly. For small breaks such as a broken pool pump, or pop-ups can cause your automatic cleaning functions to not work as they should. Pool pipes can grow old and will need replacing. I can repair or replace swimming pool pipes, as well as motors that have stopped working. When it comes to repairing or replacing the parts of any pool in the Vail area, I provide you with not only excellent service but truly care about the safety of you and your pool, in addition I will also help you plan a routine for preventing broken parts or chemical issues! No job is too big or too small; I repair all pool related equipment such as; all makes of pool pumps, filters, motors, pool lights and pool vacuums. In addition, I repair swimming pool components, such as swimming pool pipes, drains, and plumbing.

Weekly service

I offer a reasonable rate to maintain the pool and cover the cost of the basic chemicals through out the year. Some pool service companies quote prices that are very attractive, but do not include any chemicals. My pricing includes all the chemicals required to maintain the water and keep it looking clear. A reasonable fee is charged to treat for phosphate removal, algae outbreaks, the addition of salt, stabilizer and filter aids.

What to expect from weekly visits

  • Water chemistry will be tested and adjustments will be made as necessary
  • Debris will be netted from the pool
  • Pool walls, steps and love seat will be brushed as necessary
  • Skimmer basket and pump basket will be checked and emptied
  • Equipment will be inspected for proper operation
  • Filter pressure will be monitored
  • Sand and DE filters will be back-washed as necessary

Other services

  • Variable speed pump installations/calibrations
  • Green pool clean ups
  • Fix plumbing leaks
  • Replace pumps & motors
  • Heater removal/installation
  • Sand Changes
  • Repair/replace salt systems
  • Pool drain and refill
  • Filter cleaning and installation
  • Repair/replace pool lighting
  • Repair in floor cleaning systems
  • Acid washes


Why do you sometimes come at a different time, or the next day?

I guarantee 1 visit each week and clean pools 4 days a week, leaving 1 open day. This open day gives me 8-10 hours a week to get supplies, do installs, repairs, or to complete any non pool cleaning tasks. I try to complete all cleaning services on the scheduled day, however if for any reason I fall behind, scheduled cleanings will be completed within 24 hours.

Why don’t you include all chemicals with your fee?

Since the algaecides and phosphate removal products are so expensive per ounce, I cannot include them in my monthly fee and distribute them liberally. Phosphates and algae outbreaks commonly happen randomly during the warmer, windy months of the year. Algaecides and phosphate removal products are only used in the amounts necessary for the size of the pool, per the instructions on the bottle as needed. Even with perfect water chemistry, an algae outbreak is possible. Chlorine is not always effective in killing some strains of algae and during the windy season, when contaminants can be easily blown into the pool, special interventions are sometimes required.

Why is there not a flat rate for weekly pool service?

Some pools are simply labor intensive to keep clean and/or require much larger chemical dosages to keep the water balanced. For these reasons, my rates are determined by a thorough evaluation of each pool. Rest assured that my rates are reasonable.

Appliances and Equipment energy standard for Arizona

What is Title 44?

Arizona Legislature recently passed Title 44 and included it into the Appliance and Equipment Energy-Efficiency Standards of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Within Title 44, there are new efficiency standards for residential pool pumps, pool pump motors and portable electric spas, which went into effect on January 1, 2012. The law applies to pump/motors that circulate and filter water for the swimming pool. Stand alone water feature pumps and stand alone pumps running floor head cleaning systems are exempt.What does this mean for pool owners? While it does not affect any pump currently installed on an in-ground residential pool, any newly installed pump that is 1 horsepower or greater must have at least a two speed motor, or a variable speed motor. In the case of a motor replacement by itself, as long as the existing pump is still in good shape, two speed motors available. This will save you money by not having to replace the whole pump.Pumps with a two speed motor are now also available. The best over all value however, comes from installing a variable speed pump. These new pumps, have quiet, brushless motors that use magnetism to spin the shaft and can be set to run at speeds between 600 RPM and 3450 RPM. Variable speed pumps provide the flexibility to choose a high and low speed that is appropriate specifically for your size pool and type of cleaning system. When properly calibrated, a variable speed pump uses up to 80% less energy than a conventional single speed pump.

How can I save money and energy by upgrading my pool pump?

Variable-speed pool pumps have the ability to operate at a variety of speeds. I will determine the volume of water in your pool and the amount of water that must be filtered each day. The pump can be set to run at very low speeds, appropriate for your pool specifically, which in turn will conserve energy. Higher speeds can be used for shorter periods of time to run floor heads and bottom cleaners. By filtering the water slowly, over a longer period of time per day, you can save well over 30% on your current monthly pool electricity cost.

Why does slowing down the water save on pumping costs?

When using the low-speed mode of a variable-speed pump, the water moves slower and thereby reduces the friction in the system. Reduced friction decreases the back pressure and as a result, the pumps motor does not work as hard, which means less energy is used. With less friction and back pressure, it takes only a small amount of energy to keep the water moving through the pipes after the pump has been started.

What is the benefit of brush-less motor technology on the new variable speed pumps and some multi-speed motors?

Brushless motors are more efficient and require less power to run them. Magnetic motors run much quieter, as there is little to no electrical noise. The new magnetic motors have no brushes to wear out over time, or create excessive heat from friction. As a result, variable speed pumps last longer and run much cooler.

Pool & Spa Safety Act

State Requirements for replacing drain covers in swimming pools and spas

A pool contractor should verify that the pool and / or spa is in compliance with the federally mandated Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act, which took effect December 19, 2008. If the pool is not in compliance, the necessary steps should be taken to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.The definition of un-blockable drain in the Pool and Spa Safety Act is:“A drain sump of any size, or shape, that a human body cannot sufficiently block to create a suction entrapment issue.”

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