Why do you sometimes come at a different time, or the next day?

I guarantee 1 visit each week and clean pools 4 days a week, leaving 1 open day. This open day gives me 8-10 hours a week to get supplies, do installs, repairs, or to complete any non pool cleaning tasks. I try to complete all cleaning services on the scheduled day, however if for any reason I fall behind, scheduled cleanings will be completed within 24 hours.

Why don’t you include all chemicals with your fee?

Since the algaecides and phosphate removal products are so expensive per ounce, I cannot include them in my monthly fee and distribute them liberally. Phosphates and algae outbreaks commonly happen randomly during the warmer, windy months of the year.
Algaecides and phosphate removal products are only used in the amounts necessary for the size of the pool, per the instructions on the bottle as needed.
Even with perfect water chemistry, an algae outbreak is possible. Chlorine is not always effective in killing some strains of algae and during the windy season, when contaminants can be easily blown into the pool, special interventions are sometimes required.

Why is there not a flat rate for weekly pool service?

Some pools are simply labor intensive to keep clean and/or require much larger chemical dosages to keep the water balanced. For these reasons, my rates are determined by a thorough evaluation of each pool. Rest assured that my rates are reasonable.